October 2023

Miss Prasuna Kadel , K-PALS UK team member visited KIOCH – Kathmandu.

She said It was an honour meeting Prof Bhagawan Koirala, chairman KIOCH and to witness the rapid construction progress of KIOCH Kathmandu, a multi-specialty care center.

Specialties chosen both based on the population needs and financial viability. KIOCH promises to provide multi-speciality services: Cardiology & Cardiothoracic surgery, Oncology, Mental Health, Emergency services for children, Critical care, Orthopedics & Trauma services

September 2023

K-PALS UK team members Prof Satayn Rajbhandari and Dr Ramesh Khoju visited KIOCH headquarter at Hepali Height. A infant training manikin was donated for KIOCH- Damak.